Troldtekt® screws

Troldtekt screws have been specially developed for installing Troldtekt panels. Troldtekt screws are
available with crosshead (PH2) and Torx head (Torx 20). Troldtekt screws are electro-galvanised and coated in colours that complement Troldtekt natural wood and natural grey panels as well as standard Troldtekt colours.

For Troldtekt panels in custom colours we provide extra paint, so the screws can be dipped in the same colour as the acoustic panels.

Download the Troldtekt screws data sheet.

Troldtekt® structure screw for Wood & steel

Troldtekt, Structure screw   Troldtekt, structure screw, top
Max. 0,7 mm steel

Troldtekt structure screws have a pattern matching the Troldtekt structure on the screw head, making them less visible on ceiling and wall surfaces.

Troldtekt screw

Troldtekt® screws for Wood (with washer)

Troldtekt Torx screw for wood

Troldtekt screw

Troldtekt® screws for steel (with washer)

Troldtekt screws for steel

Max. 2.5 mm steel
Self-drilling, with drill-shaped point

Troldtekt screw



Thickness (mm) 3.5 / 3.9 / 4.2 
Length (mm) 45 / 55 / 70 / 80

Electrogalvanised: 18 μ plating
Coating: Paint

Corrosion- resistance

Corrosion tests re DS/EN ISO 9227: 2006. Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres –
Salt spray tests.


Troldtekt screws are suitable for indoor use. In very aggressive environments, we
recommend screws with extra corrosion protection, C5.