Cars surrounded by cultural heritage 

Classic Car House is a new museum in Lyngby where the car takes centre stage. The architectural firm Lundgaard & Tranberg is behind the new, cohesive series of buildings.

Troldtekt cementgebonden houtwolpanelen verzekeren een superieure akoestiek in cultuurarchitectuur

The former agricultural museum is the museum's starting point and is the first building you enter as a guest. In addition to serving as a museum and the exhibition of historic cars, a car hotel has also been built where special customers’ cars are taken care of. It also includes a workshop. The older buildings and large trees anchor the entire site, while a central garden and courtyard provide spaciousness and extra space for special events.

From the main building, you can walk over to Karl's House that has a car showroom and a view of the park. Willy’s Bistro & Diner is located on the other side of the complex. In a larger, newly built extension by the courtyard, big events with up to 300 people can be held. If you're considering buying a classic car, the dealership is located in a separate building close to the arrival area.

Classic materials

Architecturally, there is a nice link between existing and new buildings, where traditional materials such as brick are used throughout, preferably with classic craftsmanship in the details. The window sections comprise a large part of the facades in the new buildings, but are designed with a sense of proportion.

To ensure good acoustics, Troldtekt line has been used in the new buildings such as Karl's House, the connecting corridor, the function room and the car dealership. Karl’s House is designed to be used for events as well. The lines in the Troldtekt panels add extra texture to the ceiling surfaces, while the lines correspond nicely with the glazing of the glass sections. The Troldtekt panels are of the FUTURECEM type, which has a different warm tone, as along with wood, clay is the primarily material rather than cement.

The rustic and precise surfaces around the cars in Karl's House and the dealership emphasise the beautiful, glossy surfaces and organic shapes of the older cars, turning the car into an even more central feature. At the same time, Troldtekt line adds different experiences to the room, as the quality of the material is felt up close and the longitudinal flow of the rooms is reinforced from a distance.